Tips on Picking the Right Archery Bow

Different Types of Bows

Longbow Bow

The longbow bow is a simple and very light bow. It is a basic arch composed of a wood and a rope. It has been used since the Middle Ages. In competition, it is used with wooden arrows for instinctive shooting (without sight).

Classic Bow

The classic bow can be used for competition or occasional practice, with target or outside. It is the official arch of Olympic competitions. It has a power of 15 to 70 pounds. It is composed of a solid body (or handle) with flexible blades that attach to the body. The initiation blades are usually made of wood and the competition blades are made of magnesium or aluminum. Classic bows have multiple accessories (arrow rests, stabilizer, visor ...).

Pully Bow

The pulley arc is a powerful and fast arc. The system of pulleys at the ends of the blades increases the power of the bow: exerting the same power, the propulsion is multiplied by 1.5.
In addition, the comfort of this arch in full opening is very remarkable. By requiring less effort, it is possible to spend more time pointing to the goal.
Attention, there are bows for lefties and bows for right-handers!